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VIP Mug Club

Full details to be announced soon...

August 5th, 2019MUG CLUB

What is a Mug Club?

We are working on bringing a Mug Club to Craft & Cork in the near future

Mug clubs are programs at many beer bars and restaurants in which participants are challenged to try (over a year or so) every beer on the menu in exchange for their own custom mug and/or discounts on beer. As the craft beer movement gains momentum in America mug clubs are becoming increasingly popular. There’s lots of great reasons to join a mug club, the least of which is the cool custom mug you get when you finish. Here’s three reasons why you should join your local mug club.

  • 1. Why are you creating a mug club?

    Our goal at Craft & Cork has always been to create a laid back, chill atmosphere where you can kick back, enjoy a great beer and shoot the shit with a fellow patron. This is all well and good but we want to take this to the next level by offering you a chance to have a beer mug that saves you money, has your name on it (or number) and will be used exclusively by you. The first members of this program will be in the "founding" group and will have the option of having their name (or whatever 2 words you want) engraved on your mug. We will store this mug for you at the TapRoom and you get discounts on beer purchases every time you drink from it.

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    Sample mug (not actual mug)

    So nobody can use it but me you say? Yes you AND ONLY you can drink from it. We store it for you though so you can't take it home. 

  • 2. Can anybody join the club?

    Once we announce the program we will have a limited number of spots to accept. The first 20 patrons to join will be in the "founders" group which will have special perks available (like customizing their mug, option for lifetime purchase, etc.).

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    Beer mugs "cheers"

    We will allow more than 20 to join, but after our initial founders group you will be assigned a mug with a number and it will be used exclusively by the owner. We will store the mugs on site in a conspicuous location so everyone can see what they are missing out on and so you can feel special.
    More details to be released once we finalize and announce the program. Don't forget to check out our Beer Menu Cheers and happy drinking!